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A Better [looking] Reusable Bag

I have made a more intentional effort to stop using plastic bags when I shop. I find this much easier to do when I go grocery shopping versus when I stop for a few items at a smaller store.  In making this switch, I've found a few things that I like about reusable bags, and I few things I don't and have taken these things into account when making my own bags.  I've found that I like a bag that is big, but can fold down into a small square.  It's much simpler to use a reusable tote when I'm at a quick stop if I have one in my purse ... but not convenient at all if that tote takes up my whole purse. I'm also a sucker for something that has a little personality, something that looks better than the average reusable bag, something that I enjoy .... well, toting!

My favorite usable bag is one that I bought from Michaels so, when I made mine, that was the pattern I used.  The sides and bottoms are one long strip (7" across & 46' long).  The other two main…

A New Adventure

Well, after being a stay at home mom for just under six months I found that I was in need of a little something more (as if my plate wasn't full enough).  I have always loved making things and the extra time at home gave me more time to do just that.  Originally, these hair clips were a fun activity that Evelyn and I decided to do together.  It wasn't long after we started, and our house was filled with more clips than one could ever wear, that I thought I could possibly share these with others.  After receiving some encouragement from a friend of mine who works in a hair salon, I have decided to make and sell these fun flowered hair clips.

I am a ponytail wearer ... it is an almost everyday affair for me.  I like the way my face is framed by a pony (I think it makes me look younger :). When a friend of mine gave me some grief for never changing it up I tried to think of some ideas to continue to wear my trustworthy pony, but add some color and life to it.  These hair clips a…