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A Better [looking] Reusable Bag

I have made a more intentional effort to stop using plastic bags when I shop. I find this much easier to do when I go grocery shopping versus when I stop for a few items at a smaller store.  In making this switch, I've found a few things that I like about reusable bags, and I few things I don't and have taken these things into account when making my own bags.  I've found that I like a bag that is big, but can fold down into a small square.  It's much simpler to use a reusable tote when I'm at a quick stop if I have one in my purse ... but not convenient at all if that tote takes up my whole purse. I'm also a sucker for something that has a little personality, something that looks better than the average reusable bag, something that I enjoy .... well, toting!

My favorite usable bag is one that I bought from Michaels so, when I made mine, that was the pattern I used.  The sides and bottoms are one long strip (7" across & 46' long).  The other two main pieces are the front and back (they measure 17" deep & 13" across).  In order to connect the sides and back a single folded 1/2" binding is used.  I made the handles 20" long & 1" across. 

I was able to use quilting quarters that hadn't been used in previous quilts I've made, which made these bags almost completely made from recyclable materials.  And in order to add that bit of personality I wanted in a bag, I used the material left over to make a patch for each bag. I added text using fabric markers.